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Gongura Seeds (Pulicha Keerai) - Fermented

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Gongura is called Sorrel in English, Ambadi in Maharashtra, Andhra Matha (Andhra Mother) in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Gongura looks a lot like spinach, but tastes very different from spinach. Gongura is easy to grow from seeds and is a low maintenance plant, making it effortless to grow in any kitchen garden. There aren’t too many versatile recipes including gongura, but because of its health benefits, it is widely preferred all over India.

Gongura Seeds - 100 Seeds Approx Per Packet

White Brinjal Seeds - Hybird Seeds

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The White Brinjal is a unique variety of brinjals which belongs to the nightshade family of vegetables. As the name suggests, the White Brinjal is clean white colored. Not so common in the markets, this variety is enjoyed in several cuisines. Although, you need to peel it before cooking owing to its thick skin.

White Brinjal Seeds - 50 Seeds Approx Per packet

Ash Gourd Seeds

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Ash Gourd Seeds- 15 Seeds Approx

Ash Gourd, also known as Winter Melon, Was Gourd or White Pumpkin is a large fruit rich in rich in vitamin C, B1 and B3. One of the most alkaline vegetables in the Indian subcontinent, it is also the most undervalued. The Ash Gourd contains almost 93% water and is very low on calories and fats but is loaded with fiber!

Knol Khol Seeds - Open Pollinated /Non Hybird...

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Knol khol also known as kohlrabi. Buy Best quality Knol Khol. Easy to grow, Prefers full sun exposure.

Knol Khol is very easy to grow in a pot or container. It’s one of the best vegetable for your kitchen garden.

About this item

Number of Knol Khol Seeds: 50 Seeds (Approximately)

Where to grow: Balcony or terrace garden

Mode of sowing: Sow the seeds 0.5 inches deep in a Container, or Pots.

Germination Time: 7 to 21 days from sowing

Germination temperature: 15 – 25 °C

Harvesting: 50 to 65 days

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