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Bio Organic Fertlizers...
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Bio Organic Fertlizers Combo (Mini Pack) -...

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Package Contains:

                               Azospirillum (500 Grams Pack)

                               Pseudomonas(500 Grams Pack)

                               Phosphobacteria(500 Grams Pack)

                               Trichoderma Viride(500 Grams Pack)

                               VAM(500 Grams Pack)

Grafting Tape For Plants - 2 & 3 Inch Width -...

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Color: White,

Size : 2 and 3 Inch width,

Quality: This grafting tape is breathable, replacement for plastic bags and conventional grafting wax.

Wide usages: Grafting tape is an important tool for budding and grafting, suitable for pecans, walnuts, citrus, great for avocado, stone fruits, etc.

Excellent moisture barrier: The tape in UV light might allow for gas exchange, good moisture barrier for grafting and budding; This might stretch with the growth of plant

Flexible tape: The grafting tape is waterproof, flexible, stretchable, and adheres to itself with stretched gently

Rhizobium Bacteria Biofertilizer - 1kg

Price ₹70.00

Bazodo Rhizobium is a biofertilizer containing a symbiotic nitrogen-fixing organism of leguminous plants.

Rhizobium is available as a wet powder formulation only.


Direct Application:  Apply 20 g to each Plant Ratio with compost while planting, along with any organic manure or Potting Mix

Seed treatment: Spray the seeds with a sticky/gummy solution like starch solution or jaggery solution, so that the surface of the seed will be wet. Take Rhizobium in a tray (@ 25g /1kg of seeds), add the wet seeds to this, and gently mix by rolling the seeds in the powder so that the seeds will be coated uniformly. Dry the seeds in shade for 30 minutes and sow within a day

Guava Fruit Seeds

Price ₹25.00


Packet 50 Seeds Approx

The plants are attractive and produce deliciously rich, sweet fruits that are excellent fresh or in desserts.

What makes it special:

Fruits are available throughout the year.

Gives an assured crop even with very little care.

Being hardy, it gives an assured crop even with little care, and is good for rainfed areas also. Successful Guava cultivation is grown under tropical and sub-tropical climate. In areas with distinct winter season, the yield tends to increase and quality improves.

Sweet Corn Seeds

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Sweet Corn is a starchy vegetable.1 packet contains 20 seeds of Sweet Corn - Seeds.

Sweetcorn Lark is a midseason tender sweet variety giving superior sweetness with a softer, less chewy texture than conventional super sweets. The large cobs, packed with golden, thin-skinned kernels, are delicious picked fresh from the garden and boiled, steamed or barbecued.

Strawberry - Fruit Seeds

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1 packet contains Strawberry - 15 Seeds. The fruit is widely appreciated for its characteristic aroma, bright red color, juicy texture, and sweetness.

They are one of the most productive plants when what is produced from the weight of the plant is considered. The leaves are compound, typically with three leaflets, and usually hairy. The flowers, generally white, rarely reddish, are borne in small clusters on slender stalks.

Botanically, the bright colored strawberry fruit is considered an accessory fruit and is not a true berry. Strawberries begin to ripen four to five weeks after the first flowers open and continue to ripen for about three weeks. Propagation is possible by runners

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