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Country Seeds

Bazodo Country (Desi) Seeds for Home Garden , Non Hybrid Desi seeds are Low germination but Qualtiy Vegetable and Fruits for Healthy Life

Country Seeds - Bazodo

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Native Country (Desi) Brinjal Seed
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Native Country (Desi) Brinjal Seed

Country Brinjal Seeds.               

Weight: 3 grams.                                        

Number of Seeds per 3 grams: 200 to 300 approximately

Germination      :  60% (Min)

Harvest Time     : 35 days

₹25.00 Price
Native Country Tomato Seeds - Bazodo
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Native Country Tomato Seeds

SEED TYPE :Country Variety

Germination: 50%

PLANT: Determinate, Good Foliage

FRUIT TYPE : Shape Is Oval, Uniform In Shape And Size,Skin Firm, Red With Slight Green Tinge At Shoulders, Glossy

AVERAGE WEIGHT : 2 Gms- 100 to 150 Seeds

FIRST PICKING : After 65-70 Days From Transplanting.

SPECIFICATION : Tolerant To Bacterial Wilt And Leaf Curl, Performs Well Round The Year.

Tamatar Vegetables

₹25.00 Price
Coriander Seeds Packet
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Coriander Seeds Packet

SEED TYPE: Non-Hybrid, Open Pollinated, And Non-GMO

SEEDS: 100 Seeds Approx

SOWING TIME: Recommended For Year Round Sowing Except for May-June, Thus Very Late Bolting Variety.

PLANT CHARACTER: Plants Bushy, Profused Tillering, Numerous Side Branches

LEAF CHARACTER: Broad, Dark Green, Very Fragrant, Leaves On Side Branches Eatable Even After Bolting.

CUTTINGS: Number Of Cuttings Can Be Taken Till It Bolts

₹25.00 Price

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