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Bio Fertilizer and Growth Promoter Spinach
Bio Fertilizer and Growth Promoter
Bio Fertilizer and Growth Promoter


  • Asha Deepthi

    Asha Deepthi

    August 23.2023

    “i ordered some grow bags and cocopeat from this seller. they were very good and we r getting them in very lesser price compared to amazon or flipkart. delivery time was bit late but the products and their service were amazing”

  • Joe Prakash

    Joe Prakash

    November 21.2023

    “The store carries a wide range of garden accessories! Their seed and plant nutrition selection is quite good. Most importantly their customer service! They are knowledgeable , and patient in answering all your questions and are super friendly!”

  • Deepak Das

    Deepak Das

    August 02.2023

    100% satisfied with both the product and delivery.Ordered Coleus Mixed seed and Seaweed Fertilizer on 23rd July and got delivery with in a week(29th July).Good job team.Keep it up.

  • Balaji S

    Balaji S

    January 13.2023

    “Good quality bags, delivery is very fast. It would be good if we get a best price on repeat business ;-)”


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