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Bio Organic Fertlizers...
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Bio Organic Fertlizers Combo (Mini Pack) -...

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Package Contains:

                               Azospirillum (500 Grams Pack)

                               Pseudomonas(500 Grams Pack)

                               Phosphobacteria(500 Grams Pack)

                               Trichoderma Viride(500 Grams Pack)

                               VAM(500 Grams Pack)

Epsom Salt (500 Grams to 5 kg) - Magnesium...

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Bazodo Epsom Salt - 500 Grams / 1 Kg/5kg

  • Increases seed germination rate, enhances overall plant vitality and growth, and enhances the production of flowers and leaves
  • Epsom Salt Increases plant flower/ fruit size and stem strength
  • Magnesium Sulphate play important role in photosynthesis and also regulates the uptake of other nutrients by the plant.
  • Increases flavour of fruit and veggies, plus increases the output of vegetation and improve overall plant health.
  • Helps plants to absorb NPK fertilizer better and prevents the yellowing of leaves. Must for chillies, peppers, tomatoes and brinjals.
Fancy Hanging Pots Combo...
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Fancy Hanging Pots Combo with Metal Chain (5...

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Size :Diameter = 23cm, height = 47 cm with chain

Material: Plastic

Colour: White Colour

Item Dimension: 23cm x 20cm x 13cm per pot

light weight and easy to handle

Give a style statement to your garden

Large capacity for flower arrangement, balcony, creative cute indoor outdoor decoration, fruit basket, fancy gift item

Fish Amino Acid - 50 litre...
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Fish Amino Acid - 50 litre (5 Litre Can) Fish...

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Package Contains: 50 ltre Fish amino acid (5 Litre Can)

The Normal dosage is 2 - 5 ml/litre of water.

Foliar spray:

Apply 2 - 5 ml/litre of water and completely spray the plant from top to bottom. For small plants this can be used for 3 - 4 plants.

Broadcasting / Soil Application:

Mix 10ml of Fish Aminoacid in 10 litre water for soil drenching

Drip Irrigation:

Apply 3 ml / litre of water per m2 of land during irrigation

Neem Oil Pesticide-(100 ml...
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Neem Oil Pesticide-(100 ml to 5 Litre)(Water...

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Package contains: 250 ml ,500ml, 1 Litre , 5 Litre  neem oil

Mix 5 ml to 10 ml of neem oil into a liter of water and spray on the plants. If the infection is severe repeat the spray once or twice at a week interval.

Neem oil is a pesticide, which can rid over 200 species of insect.

Features: Precise Composition, Numerous Medicinal Properties and Anti Bacterial

Bazodo Panchakavya
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Panchakaviya Liquid - 50 Litre (5 litre Can)...

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Package Contains: 50 Litre Panchakavya Bottle ( 5 Litre Cans)

All purpose Liquid Fertilizer, pesticide and insecticide. Intensified with organic Desi cow's Milk, Ghee, Curd, Urine, dung, organic jaggery, Banana, and Tender Coconut.


All agricultural plants, vegetables plants, spinach, Home garden, Roof top garden, pot plants, flowering plants etc.

Preventive Application:

Prevents Pest infestations and microbial infections, improved resistance to diseases, drastic climate change and water availability.

How to Use:

Effectively used through sprayer, soil drench, water treatment, dripping, compost enrichment and seedling. For further instructions, please refer the manual for step by step procedure.

Plastic Hanging Planter Pot...
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Plastic Hanging Planter Pot Designer Model -...

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Package Contents: 5 Pieces( Violet,Grey,Green,Blue,Red)

Lightweight option to clay or ceramic planters

Size of Basket: Open face diameter -  22 cm, Depth - 12 cm

Metal Chain Length - 38 cm 

Overal Set Total Height- 46 cms

UV stabilized plastic hanging baskets made from virgin plastic lasts many year, won't crack, break or fade

Plastic Hanging Planter Pot...
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Plastic Hanging Planter Pot Plain Smart Model...

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Package Contents: 5 Pieces (White,Blue,Violet,Green,Grey)

Lightweight option to clay or ceramic planters

Size of Basket: Open face diameter -  23 cm, bottom diameter - 11 cm, depth - 14 cm

Metal Chain Length - 38 cm 

Overal Set Total Height- 51 cms

UV stabilized plastic hanging baskets made from virgin plastic lasts many year, won't crack, break or fade

Potting Soil Mix - 500kg...
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Potting Soil Mix - 500kg (50kg sack) - A...

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The soil is one of the essential components for the plants to grow. It serves as the growing medium for plants

1. Coco Peat Powder

2. Vermicompost

3. Red Soil

4.Cow Dung Manure

4. Neem cake 

5.Bio Fertilizers Mix - (Azospirillum, Phosphobacteria, Pseudomonas, Trichoderma, VAM)

Bazodo Premium Potting Soil Mix for Healthy and Organic Gardening

Potting Soil Mix is the key to beautiful, bountiful container flowers and vegetables. Ideal for all kinds of indoor and outdoor potted plants, its job is to provide anchorage and support for the roots, as well as proper drainage, airflow and nutrients for growing plants

Red Soil for Home Garden -...
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Red Soil for Home Garden - 25 kg Pack

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Completely Dry 25 kg Red Soil

The Soil Ph Value Exactly Suitable for Home Garden Plants.

Bazodo Red Soil well aerated and well drained while still being able to retain enough moisture for plant growth.

Enhances plants growth


This Product weight is more, so do not Add Door delivery, You can add with other product in Cart and choose Parcel Office delivery nearest your home for Less transportation cost on the Entire Order

Heavily discounted potting mix, red soil, coco peat and vermicompost are available in bulk packs. If you're a serious gardener, these are a must-have, and buying these in small packets is not feasible financially. Hence we're bringing these to you at wholesale rates.

Self Watering Indoor...
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Self Watering Indoor Plastic Big Pots With...

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  • Material: Plastic
  • Quantity: 5 Pieces 
  • Color: Green,Red,Violet,White,Blue
  • Product Dimensions Outer Pot(Top Dia x Bottom Dia x Height): 9.5 inch x 6.5 inch x 8.5 Inch
  • Product Dimensions Inner Pot(Top Dia x Bottom Dia x Height): 9 Inch x 5.1 inch x 8 Inch
  • Package Contents: 1 Outer Pot,1 Inner Pot with 5 sets of Different Colours
  • Ideal :Small Plants, Succulent Plants, Decorative Flower Pots
  • Best For Indoor Garden Plants

Super Potassium Humate(100%) - 250 grams...

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Bazodo Potassium Humate 100%

Quantity - 250 grams Packet

BAZODO Potassium humate 100% is an efficient organic potassium fertilizer. Because humic acid is one kind of biologically active agent, it can increase the content of quick-acting potassium in soil, and reduce the loss and fasten of potassium, increase the absorption and utilization of potassium. Also, it can improve soil structure, promote the growth of crops, increase crop resilience, improve crop quality, protection of agricultural ecological environment and other functions

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