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Plastic Hanging Pots


Hanging plant holders can fit into any large/tiny spaced area, say a wall or a window above the surface. Hanging plant pots are best suited for balcony, indoor as well as outdoor gardening. Lightweight and decorative, indoor hanging flower pots give a unique look to any decor. 

Hanging baskets and containers add a whole new dimension to gardening, helping you utilise all the available space. A variety of flowers and plants can be grown in hanging baskets. The choice of plants in pot planters depends on both the size of the planter and the growing conditions where the plant pot has to be placed. 

The baskets which are kept in the shade and less windy space are easier to look after as they require less watering. You can keep such plants indoor. If you wish to hang the hanging pots outdoor, select a place where the plant can get sufficient sunlight of around 4 to 5 hours. You can have flowering/green plants/drippings in hanging planters

Plastic Hanging Pots

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