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Ash Gourd Seeds
  • Ash Gourd Seeds

Ash Gourd Seeds

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Ash Gourd Seeds- 15 Seeds Approx

Ash Gourd, also known as Winter Melon, Was Gourd or White Pumpkin is a large fruit rich in rich in vitamin C, B1 and B3. One of the most alkaline vegetables in the Indian subcontinent, it is also the most undervalued. The Ash Gourd contains almost 93% water and is very low on calories and fats but is loaded with fiber!

Ash Gourd Seeds

Ash Gourd Seeds

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Cultivation Process:

1. Sow the seeds 0.5 cm deep in well composted soil

2. Space the seedlings 100cm by 100cm

3.Germination will take place in 6-8 days

4.Harvest in 90-100 days from sowing

Sow, Grow, Reap

"Good things take time and care"


  • Take a container of your choice which has well drained holes at the bottom. Seedling Tray You can Choose 12 Cavities Reusable Seedling Tray
  • Fill the container with a good growing medium Hdpe Grow bags
  • Sow 2 seeds at the centre of the pot
  • When growing on a raised bed,sow two seeds per spot in a spacing of 3 x 3 ft
  • Push the seeds into the growing medium with your fingers. Make sure you cover the seeds completely with this growing medium All Plant Ready to use Potting Mix
  • Water the sown seed bed immediately by a light shower with a watering can

2.Common Problems

1.Why are my ash gourd seeds not germinating?

Ash Gourd prefers warm temperatures ( 60 F to 105 F) and full sunlight. If the temperature is cold, your seeds will not germinate

2. How can I control weeds growing around my ash gourd?

Weeds can be controlled using Mulch Mulch Mat

What is the white powdery residue on my Ash Gourd plant’s leaves?

White powdery residue on upper leaf surfaces is a symptom of Powdery Mildew. Keep a watch on the early symptoms of powdery mildew. Use appropriate chemicals to get rid of the powdery mildew Bio Pesticides


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