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Knol Khol Seeds - Open Pollinated /Non Hybird Seeds

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When you want to add a lot of flavor to your recipes but not wait too long, grow a mix of baby leaves. Baby leaves are revered for their juicy and flavorful texture and quick harvest:

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All baby leaves thrive in a rich, loamy soil. Prepare the site before planting by adding some organic compost or aged manure or Potting Mix for All Plants Ready to Use . it’s always best to pre-water the soil. Make sure the soil being used is well-draining and loose::Sow the seeds at a depth of ¼ inches and cover with loose soil and keep in partial or full sun. In the case of baby leaves, the seedlings must be thinned to an average distance of 3-6 inches apart



Some common pests that can affect baby leaves while growing are aphids, flea beetles, thrips , Use Neem Cake Powder for Avoid Soil Pests .Baby leaf or baby green seeds will thrive in rich, well-draining loamy soil that is not too compact. Mix some aged manure or organic compost in your potting soil to improve soil fertility. Ensure there are no clumps in the soil since that can hamper the germination of the seeds,

Use Bio Pesticides for Avoid All Pests.

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