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Rhizobium Bacteria Biofertilizer - 1kg

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Bazodo Rhizobium is a biofertilizer containing a symbiotic nitrogen-fixing organism of leguminous plants called Brady Rhizobium. Rhizobium is available as a wettable powder formulation only.


Brady Rhizobium

2 x 107 cfu/g.


Rhizobium is a soil microbe that lives in symbiotic association with leguminous plants. Rhizobium colonizes the root nodules of legumes and fixes nitrogen utilizing the host carbohydrates as an energy source. A minimum of 25 - 30 kg Nitrogen per hectare per season is fixed through its actions, which exceeds plant usage. The excess nitrogen is left in the soil which is available for the later crops. This in turn contributes a 10 to 25% increase in yield along with mineralization of other nutrients.


 Rhizobium is used only for leguminous plants (pulses) like cowpea, beans, groundnuts, soybean, green gram, black gram, Bengal gram, etc.

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