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Strawberry - Fruit Seeds
  • Strawberry - Fruit Seeds
  • Strawberry - Fruit Seeds
  • Strawberry - Fruit Seeds

Strawberry - Fruit Seeds

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1 packet contains Strawberry - 25 Seeds. The fruit is widely appreciated for its characteristic aroma, bright red color, juicy texture, and sweetness.

They are one of the most productive plants when what is produced from the weight of the plant is considered. The leaves are compound, typically with three leaflets, and usually hairy. The flowers, generally white, rarely reddish, are borne in small clusters on slender stalks.

Botanically, the bright colored strawberry fruit is considered an accessory fruit and is not a true berry. Strawberries begin to ripen four to five weeks after the first flowers open and continue to ripen for about three weeks. Propagation is possible by runners

Strawberry - Fruit Seeds

Strawberry - Fruit Seeds

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Common Name Strawberry, garden strawberry
Height Up to 12 inches
Flower Colour White
Bloom Time Late summer and early fall
Difficulty Level Medium

Planting And Care

  • Clear away dead foliage as this can be susceptible to pests and diseases over winter
  • Strawberry plants need to be left outside for the autumn and winter as they require a chill period to initiate flowering
  • Feed your plants with a balanced fertilizer every two weeks until flowering begins, at which point you should switch to a high-potash liquid fertilizer for the best fruiting
  • Nitrogen fertilizer is needed at the beginning of every planting year

Strawberry Care

  • Strawberries are best planted in the spring or autumn
  • Sow seeds thinly in March or April in a fine soil-less mix
  • Simply press the seeds into a moist medium in the starter trays
  • Keep moist until plants emerge in 2-3 weeks
Sunlight Full sun. It can tolerate partial sun for some time.
Watering Moderate
Soil Fertile, free-draining soil
Temperature 14 to 26 degrees C
Fertilizer Organic matter such as compost or well-rotted manure
Harvest Season October to November and April to May


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