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Red Amaranthus Spinach Seeds
  • Red Amaranthus Spinach Seeds

Red Amaranthus Spinach Seeds

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Seeds: 1000 Approx

Superior Quality, Non-Hybrid, Pure, Open Pollinated, And Heirloom (with An Unadulterated Genetic Heritage) Seeds. Tested For Germination.

Red Amaranthus Spinach Seeds

Red Amaranthus Spinach Seeds

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SOWING TIME: Recommended For Year-Round Sowing Except for Dec-Feb As The Plant Is Susceptible To Cold Temperatures. PLANT CHARACTER: Preferring Warm Temperatures, Amaranth Has Long Straight Stems With Long Lasting Flowers.

LEAF CHARACTER: Medium-Sized Green Leaves With Burgandy Red Overlay. HARVEST: 48-56 Days After Planting, Pick Individual Leaves And Chaff The Seeds As Needed.

Amaranth Or Amaranthus Is A Tropical And Sub-Tropical Seasonal Crop Categorized As A Leafy Vegetable, Cereal, And Also As An Ornamental Plant.

Planting: Soil should be mixed with well rotten Cow dung. Raise nursery and transplant the plants at the distance of 18 inches row to row and 12 inches plant to plant. Irrigate immediately and then as per requirement. Harvest starts after 30-35 days


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