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Brachycome Mixed Seeds
  • Brachycome Mixed Seeds
  • Brachycome Mixed Seeds

Brachycome Mixed Seeds

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Brachycome Iberidifolia produces an abundance of fragrant blooms in blue, white, and pink. The flowers are daisy like flowers on slender stems and are perfect for the gardener who doesn't have a great deal of time on their hands. This variety can grow to an approximate height of 25-30cm.

Brachycome Mixed Seeds

Brachycome Mixed Seeds

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Growing Instruction : 

Cultivation Practices to be Followed Nursery

For bold seeded flower crops viz. balsam, calendula, dahlia, ipomoea, nasturtium, ornamental gourds, sunflower, tithonia, thunbergia etc.

The seeds can be sown directly into the pots or flower beds. The beds have to be prepared finely by adding compost. The seeds have to be sown at one cm depth with two seeds per hill (in hybrids one seed per hill) and one food apart. 

Water the beds gently and maintain the moisture of the beds by regular watering. Once the seeds have germinated, thin out the seedlings to maintain one seedling per hill.

for medium sized flower varieties viz. African marigold, aster, acroclinium, Centaurea, chrysanthemum, coreopsis, cosmos, French, marigold, gaillardia, gazania, gomphrena, helichrysum, Melampodium, mirabilis, vinca, zinnia, etc.

The nursery beds have to be prepared finely by adding compost. Grooves of half cm deep have to be made and covered with a thin layer of soil. Drench the bed with captain or blue copper solutions @3g per liter of water. Cover the beds with a straw of paper. The seeds take 4-6 days to germinate, as soon as you see that the seeds are just germinating, remove the straw or paper. After four weeks the seedlings will be ready for transplanting to flower beds or big pots. 

for small-seeded flower varieties viz. ageratum, alyssum, begonia, carnation, celosia, Kochia, cineraria, coleus, dianthus, gypsophila, impatiens, petunia, pansy, phlox, portulaca, statice, viola, verbena, etc.

The sowing medium should contain sieved leaf mold or compost, sand, and ted soil in equal proportions. Pour the medium in a wooden box of size 1' X 1.5' X3" or seed pans and press uniformly. Make a half cm deep groove, using a wooden stick. Spray captain or blue copper @3g per liter of water till the media is completely drenched. So the seed s thinly in the groove and spray the fungicide solution again. Do not cover the seeds with the medium. Cover the box with a transparent plastic sheet and keep it in a shaded place. The seeds take 4-6 days to germinate. As soon as you notice that the seeds are just germination, remove the cover and expose the seedlings to partial shade, otherwise, seedlings will become lanky. Gradually you can keep the box or seed pan in full sunlight. After four weeks the seedling will be ready for transplanting to flower beds or big pots.

Growing Instructions : 

Fertilizer (17: 17:17 ) application [ 1g per liter of water ] has to be started ten days after transplanting ( 30 days after sowing in case of direct-sown crops). This can be repeated once in ten days. Spray 1.5g of dittany M-45 during the rainy season once in 15 days.

For places like Bangalore, flower crops can be grown all around the year with better care during the summer months.

General Instruction :

• We always supply good quality seeds with high germination and purity

• Seeds to be stored in cool and dry places

• Do not store seed packets near chemicals and fertilizers.

• After the expiry date, seed packets should not be sold by traders not be purchased by customers.


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