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Lavender Dreamy Puple Flower Seeds-100 Seeds

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Lavender is a perennial herb plant with a heavenly fragrance. This plant grows in cool climates and mostly in areas that are not very hot or humid. Surprisingly, this is a genus from the mint family and the color lavender is actually named after 'Lavandula angustifolia,' the most widely cultivated flower species. There are hundreds of different varieties of lavender; each one with its own special quality such as plant or flower size, flower or leaf color, fragrance, or hardiness. Although lavender is usually associated with shades of blue, plants are available in varying hues of purple and lilac, white, pink, mauve, and even yellow. Lavender is known to have numerous healing properties but is majorly used in the production of essential fragrance oils. It can help relieve headaches, migraines, and insomnia. It has soothing properties and is often associated with calming the nerves or relieving anxiety.


  • Prefer a very light mix instead of a traditional potting mix that drains very easily and quickly.
  • Sow the seeds early from February to July and place the seed tray in a warm location for better germination of the seeds.
  • The seedlings are likely to germinate in two weeks.
  • Do not exclude sunlight as it plays a great role in the germination of the seedlings.

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