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BONE MEAL - (1Kg & 5 Kg) Steamed Powder- Organic Natural NPK - Bazodo

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BAZODO Steamed Bone Meal

100% Organic Manure

Bazodo Steamed Bone meal fertilizer is used to increase phosphorus in the garden. ... Phosphorus is essential for plants in order for them to flower.

Bone meal phosphorus is easy for plants to take up. 

Using bone meal will help your flowering plants, like roses or bulbs, grow bigger and more plentiful flowers.

Benefits of using Bone meal

  • Increased root growth and development:  Due to the presence of an adequate amount of phosphorus in bone meal, it helps in better root growth and development of tertiary and beneficial roots.
  • Increased nutrient uptake: Enlarged root system of the plants helps in the maximum uptake of nutrients.
  • Enhances flowering: Phosphorus is also essential for plants to flower, hence an adequate supply of phosphorus through bone meal application helps in increasing flower growth.
  • Helps in photosynthesis: Bone meal application helps in increasing leaf surface area therefore, helps in increasing photosynthesis and production of more plant food.
  • Helps in metabolic functions: Phosphorus is the major component for genetic material like DNA and RNA and helps in making the genetic makeup.
  • Helps in controlling blossom, end rot in tomato

Packaging quantity:   Available in 1kg  packets

Dosage: Apply 4-5 teaspoon of bone meal for grow bags 

Application Time: Plant Start to Flowering

Method of application-

  • Loosen the potting media around the plants (2-3 inch depth).
  • Apply 4-5 teaspoon of bone meal for grow bags and 1 fistful for planter box.
  • Mix thoroughly with potting media.
  • Level the potting mix properly.
  • Watering should be done immediately after nutrient application (based on moisture content).

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5 Kg

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