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Native Country Tomato Seeds - Bazodo
  • Native Country Tomato Seeds - Bazodo

Native Country Tomato Seeds

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SEED TYPE :Country Variety

Germination: 50%

PLANT: Determinate, Good Foliage

FRUIT TYPE : Shape Is Oval, Uniform In Shape And Size,Skin Firm, Red With Slight Green Tinge At Shoulders, Glossy

AVERAGE WEIGHT : 2 Gms- 100 to 150 Seeds

FIRST PICKING : After 65-70 Days From Transplanting.

SPECIFICATION : Tolerant To Bacterial Wilt And Leaf Curl, Performs Well Round The Year.

Tamatar Vegetables

Native Country Tomato Seeds - Bazodo

Native Country Tomato Seeds

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Soil requirements:

  Tomato has given good results when grown in well-managed sandy loam and heavy clay loam free of hardpan but best results are obtained in deep, well-drained loam.

  The soil should be rich in organic matter and plant nutrients, with a pH value of 6 to 7.


For Seedlig Cocopeat is high Result


Choose a pot as big as possible. Tomato plants need a lot of nutrients, so fill it with rich garden soil

 Take a few paper cups and fill them with an inch of potting soil. Place the seeds in the cup and cover them with a loose layer of dry soil. Sprinkle water on it for a few days and you will see the seedlings sprouting.

Once they are over an inch tall, cut the paper cup away and replant the seedlings in the pots you have prepared. Plant only one seedling per pot. If you grow many plants in one pot, the yield will be less.

 It's important to keep the roots of the plants covered with soil at all times. They shouldn't be exposed. Also, the soil should be moist — not excessively — at all times.

Once the plants start growing, stake them with wooden sticks. Otherwise, they will bend under the weight of their fruits.

Water the plants every day. During peak summer, water them twice a day.


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