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Bazodo Humic acid
  • Humic Acid - (250 ml to 1 Litre) for Plant Instant Growth - Home Garden

Humic Acid - (250 ml to 1 Litre) for Plant Instant Growth - Home Garden

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Package Contains: 250 ml to 1 Litre Humic Acid

BAZODO HUMIC ACID Can be Foliar (on leaf Spray) & Soil applied,its a soil conditioners

High in both humic & Fulvic acids,Auxins,minerals ,vitamins etc,aids photosynthesis

Promote nutrient uptake,increases crop yields,Enhances the Uptake of nitrogen by plants,

Direction for use: Soil application: 10 ml / 1 L of water. 1 L is suitable for 1 Acre of land, Foliar application: FRUIT PLANTS (Mango, Lichi, Guava, Lemon, Organge, Grape,Banana, Papaya) : After 15 days of planting: Spray 0.5 / 1L of water every 10-12 days interval till fruiting.

Bazodo Humic acid

Humic Acid - (250 ml to 1 Litre) for Plant Instant Growth - Home Garden

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Benefits of Humic

  • Builds a sustainable soil eco system.
  • Increases the cation exchange capacity of the soil and facilitates nutrient absorption.
  • Buffers pH of soils.
  • Builds organic matter.
  • Increases water holding capacity.
  • Reduces the need for Chemical fertilizers.

Humicas is the most exciting yield building, profit boosting Bio stimulant suitable for all forms of agriculture and if you have yet to discover their multiple benefits, it's time to realise its potential. Humicas is manufactured using Active Humic Technology (AHT) and it is the most effective biologically advanced humic delivery system available today.

It is rich brown concentrated liquid bio stimulant enriched with humic substances which promotes sustainable growth and optimal yield. Humicas acts as a natural chelating agent to improve soils ability to provide essential nutrients and improving plants overall health.



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Mar 14, 2022

Best quality

Very good quality of product, i will update about its effect on my plants in future thanks bazodo

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Feb 15, 2022

500 ML Humic Acid

Fresh product water mai mil gya 1 min bhi nhi lge pakegeing is also very good most Importent thing quality product

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