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Kalanchoe humilis is a splendid succulent shrub with large leaves boasting maroon and purple spots. With proper care, it can grow up to 30 cm tall.

Botanical Name: Kalanchoe humilis

Other Names: Spotted Kalanchoe, Penwiper, Penwiper Plant, Baby Penwiper, Stipped Kalanchoe

Growing Season: Throughout the year

Ideal Temperature: 20-29°C

Uses: Complement its look by adding white pebbles and use it for indoor decor.

Difficulty Level: Easy

  • Succulent soil
  • Partial sun to full sun
  • Water only when the soil feels dry on touch
  • Fertilize monthly

What to Do After Getting the Package?

  • Take a knife and carefully cut the tape to unbox the live plant.
  • Gently remove the plant from the package.
  • Place the plant where it can receive bright, indirect sunlight regularly.

How to Care for Kalanchoe humilis

Sunlight: Kalanchoe humilis thrives well in full to partial sunlight. For best growth, place the pots near windows or balcony so the succulent can receive an ample amount of sunlight.

Watering: Just like other succulent plants, Kalanchoe humilis has low watering needs. So it is best to water only when the soil becomes dry.

Soil: A well-draining succulent soil is perfect for Kalanchoe humilis. You can get it easily from nurseries or prepare it at home by combining two parts of potting soil with one part each of perlite and sand.

Fertilizer: Go with an organic liquid balanced fertilizer to encourage growth in this succulent shrub.

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