Use neem oil as insecticide once a week, which helps to kill fungal and pests in your plant. Apply the neem oil using neem oil spray for plants, making sure the leaves are completely coated,

especially where the pests or fungal problems is the worst.

Neem oil kills insects at all stages of the development egg, larvae and adult. When the neem oil is sprayed on the insects, it prevents the bug from transforming into its next stage.

Neem oil is safe to use indoors to prevent pests and disease. You just need to spray the plants affected by pests without having the worry of harming your kids or household pets.

Neem oil is a pesticide, which can rid over 200 species of insect.

Below are some of the most common insects which affect the plants.

1.       Thrips

2.       Whiteflies

3.       Leafhoppers

4.       Scale 

5.       Mites

6.       Aphids

7.      Caterpillars

8.      Mealy Bugs

Neem oil is not only used to avoid pests you can also use them to prevent fungus on your plants.

To prevent fungi, spray neem oil once in a week then, and then spray every two weeks to keep it from coming back. Since neem oil is biodegradable and non –toxic,

it will not pollute ground water or cause toxic runoff into streams and nearby bodies of water. It’s nice to know that neem oil keeps the mosquito away.

To start taking advantage of all the benefits of neem oil for plants, buy neem oil online from Bazodo and choose the best one for your gardening needs.


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