Bazodo Trichoderma when introduced along with seeds or at root zone protect the seedlings from attack by soil borne pathogens that cause root / collar / stem rots, wilts, damping offs, leaf blights spots etc. and promote healthy growth in early stages of crop.

Vigorous growth of biological Trichoderma Viride Fungicide overshadows the pathogenic fungi, which are overpowered and prevented from infecting the plants. Before pathogens attempt infection via germinating seeds or roots they can be suppressed and controlled by various methods.


  • Enhances yield along with quality of produce
  • Boost germination rate
  • Increase in shoot & Root length Solubilizing various insoluble forms of Phosphates Augment Nitrogen fixing
  • Promote healthy growth in early stages of crop
  • Increase Dry matter Production substantially
  • Provides natural long term immunity to crops and soil
  • Eliminates the use of costly and harmful chemicals

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