Double layer design where the inner pot holds the plant and the outer pot holds the water. Inner Pot Bottom Holes interconnect the two layers and allow for the transfer of the water from the outer water layer to the inner plant layer. This planter design facilitates air circulation while ensuring that the plant roots take up enough water and thrive without being waterlogged.

To avoid waterlogging, the water level should not exceed the space between the inner layer and the outer layer, 0.5 inches. Approximately 1 week between water refilling.

 Self Watering Planters features a unique water supply and aeration system that encourages plant growth, prevents over- and under-watering, eliminates the risk of root rot, disease, and dehydration. Each planter is made from crack-resistant, lightweight, UV-stabilized plastic, ideal for the hot Indian climate. Bazodo Planters are perfect for exotic homes, corporate offices, and hotels. Self Planters are high end planters designed to suit the urban environment.

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