Bazodo 17 Flower Seeds :

1. Acroclinium Roseum Flower Seeds-100 Seeds Packet

2.Aster Mixed Seeds-50 Seeds Packet

3.Balsam Tom Thumbmix Flower Seeds-50 Seeds Packet

4.Coleus Rainbow Mixed Seeds

5.Cosmos Mixed Flower Seeds-50 Seeds Packet

6.Gomphrena Choice Mixed Seeds-150 Seeds Packet

7.Lavender Dreamy Puple Flower Seeds-200 Seeds

8.Lotus Seeds-(5 Seeds Packet)

9.Marigold F1 Taishan Orange Colour Seeds

10.Marigold F1 Taishan Yellow Colour Seeds

11.Osteospermum Ecklonis Sunday Mixed Seeds

12.Salvia Cleopatra Mixed Seeds-30 Seeds Packet

13.Scabiosa Atropurpurea, 'Tall Double Flowered seeds

14.Sunflower Seeds-30 Seeds Packet

15.Vinca Rosea Mixed Seeds-60 Seeds Packet

16.Zinnia Choice Mixed Colour Seeds-100 Seeds Packet

17.Brachycome Mixed Seeds

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