Drip Irrigation is one of the best techniques to water your plants because it allows the water to trickle down slowly to the base of the plant, thereby keeping the plant from getting overwatered. This technique also allows you to conserve water as well as time while farming or gardening. Cinagro brings to you Drip Irrigation Garden Watering Drip Kit that is a simple and easy way to water your plants. Made of high-quality plastic material, this Drip Kit allows you to water 100 plants, thereby improving its importance during gardening. It also encourages the early maturity of plants and discourages weed growth.

Drip Kit - Made of Durable Plastic


Made Of Durable Plastic

Bazoo has made this Drip Irrigation Kit using high-quality ABS plastic that does not damage easily.
The durable nature of this material keeps the irrigation kit from getting damaged during handling.
The kit gets a feeder line pipe of 40mtrs which is very flexible in nature and proves to be enough for watering 100 plants.
You also get a 25mtrs supply pipe along with plenty of other connectors, drip emitters, dummies, and end caps that help you to set up an efficient drip irrigation system.
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