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Bazodo - Azospirillum - 1Kg

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The normal dosage of Azospirillum is 20 g/plant. Broadcasting / Soil Application: Soil application @ 5 to 7 kg / Hectare after mixing with 250 to 375 kg of Organic Manure or Farm Yard Manure (FYM). For trees directly apply at root zone early in season 5 Kg / ha. For vines @ 50 gm / litre of water. For potted plants apply 20g / plant. 

Bazodo Fish Amino Acid- 500 ml

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Fish Aminoacid is mainly used as a foliar spray. The normal dosage is 2 - 5 ml/litre of water. Foliar spray: Apply 2 - 5 ml/litre of water and completely spray the plant from top to bottom. For small plants this can be used for 3 - 4 plants. Broadcasting / Soil Application: Mix 10ml of Fish Aminoacid in 10 litre water for soil drenching.Drip Irrigation: Apply 3 ml / litre of water per m2 of land during irrigation

Bazodo Nature Organic Neem Oil Pesticide (Water...

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Package contains: 100ml neem oil

Mix 20 to 50 ml of neem oil into a liter of water and spray on the plants. If the infection is severe repeat the spray once or twice at a week interval.

Neem oil is a pesticide, which can rid over 200 species of insect.

Features: Precise Composition, Numerous Medicinal Properties and Anti Bacterial

Bazodo Neem Cake Powder Organic Fertilizer and...

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Natural fertilizer and pest repellent, rich in all essential plant nutrient. Apply neem cake powder when you prepare potting soil, 10-14 days before planting. When you use for established plants, apply it around the root area and ensure it is covered and mixed well with soil. Recommended quantity is 25 gms per pot. Note: Results of neem cake powder will be seen slowly over a period of time. Important: For better results add neem cake powder when preparing potting mix in the recommended ratio. Adding neem cake powder more than recommended quantity may kill the plant.

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