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2 Litre Water Sprayer Hand-held Pump Pressure...

Price ₹310.00
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  • Portable & Multi-Purpose Pressure Sprayer: This hand sprayer can be used for cleaning cars, sanitizers, irrigation plants, pet bathing, home cleaning.
  • Adjustable brass nozzle: The high-quality brass nozzle can adjust the intensity of the water spray from direct injection to fine mist spray.
  • This is ideal for Indoor Gardening as well as Other Uses. This can be used to Spray / Mist water / Fertilizer on Plants, Seeds, and More.

1 Litre Water Sprayer Hand-Held Pump Pressure...

Price ₹250.00
Availability: 11 In Stock
  • 1 Litre Capacity 
  • Branded Quality
  • With Free Washer for Nozzle
  • Strong and Heavy Duty Product
  • fill the bottle till the mark with any liquid you want to spray, close the top, and pump 10 to 12 time or till it gets tighter. then press the lid and it starts spraying
  • can be used for spraying fertilizers, pesticides, water, etc. easy to use follow the instructions
  • Suitable For All Kind Of liquids, wash and keep open after use
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