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Outdoor Plant Pots


Nowadays, we don’t have a large space for gardening, and so we use planters or pots for growing plants. Based on the material and size, the planters are divided into two types – Indoor pots and Outdoor pots.

While selecting outdoor plant pots for your garden, make sure that the planters have the minimum qualities mentioned below.

  • The planters should have less weight so that they are easy to carry
  • The planters should withstand direct sunlight
  • The planters should not be damaged due to heavy rain
  • It would be better if the planters have hooks to be hanged from railings or grills
  • The planters should be capable of holding up to 3 to 4 kg of potting mix
  • They should have drainage hole so excess of water can flow out

As per the expert suggestions for outdoor gardening, it would be better to choose a planter made of metal, plastic or FRP. Outdoor planters are of different types like hanging, railing and wall planters. Select a right plant to be grown in the planter. Select outdoor flower pots made of terracotta, metal and plastic, which can contain 4 to 5 kg of potting mix. These planters not only fill your garden, but also welcome your visitors.

Outdoor Plant Pots

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