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Coriander Seeds - 350 Seeds Packet

Price ₹25.00
Availability: 28 In Stock

SEED TYPE: Non-Hybrid, Open Pollinated, And Non-GMO

SEEDS: 350 Seeds Approx

SOWING TIME: Recommended For Year Round Sowing Except for May-June, Thus Very Late Bolting Variety.

PLANT CHARACTER: Plants Bushy, Profused Tillering, Numerous Side Branches

LEAF CHARACTER: Broad, Dark Green, Very Fragrant, Leaves On Side Branches Eatable Even After Bolting.

CUTTINGS: Number Of Cuttings Can Be Taken Till It Bolts

Gongura Seeds (Pulicha Keerai) - Fermented

Price ₹30.00
Availability: 12 In Stock

Gongura is called Sorrel in English, Ambadi in Maharashtra, Andhra Matha (Andhra Mother) in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Gongura looks a lot like spinach, but tastes very different from spinach. Gongura is easy to grow from seeds and is a low maintenance plant, making it effortless to grow in any kitchen garden. There aren’t too many versatile recipes including gongura, but because of its health benefits, it is widely preferred all over India.

Gongura Seeds - 100 Seeds Approx Per Packet

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